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Carole Lombard 1920s Wm E Thomas hairstyle moviestar
Carole Lombard, 1920s (Wm E. Thomas) #hairstyle #moviestar #1920s
Carol Lombard. vintagesonia: Carole Lombard, 1929. Photo by William E. Thomas
Короткая стрижка 1920s Makeup, Vintage Hairstyles, Wedding Hairstyles, Vintage Waves, Vintage Glamour
Joan Crawford, photographed by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1926.
Mrs. Braund models hairstyle by Eugene of London, 1924 (Bassano)
+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Flapper girl ~ 1920's
Carole Lombard was a famous actress from the 20s.
Dolores Costello 1920's
1920's hair. Long and pinned up with finger waved front.
1927s long hair flapper style 1920s Hairstyles, Bob Hairstyles, 1920s Long Hair, Flapper
Carole Lombard, 1920s (Wm E. Thomas) #hairstyle #moviestar #1920s | 1920s in 2018 | Pinterest | Hair, Hair styles and 1920s
1920s Wavy Hair Celebrity Inspired Style Hair And Beauty
Mary Brian Marcel Waves
Carole Lombard photographic portrait by Wm. E. Thomas William Powell, Carole Lombard,
1920's Hair. (My hair could definitely do this.) Traditional Hairstyle, Pixie
Marion Davies, 1920s Carole Lombard, Classic Movies, Movie Stars, Silent Film Stars
Marcel Waves and Finger Waves Hairstyles of the 1920s
Myrna Loy
actress phyllis haverr, 1920s
Carole Lombard memorabilia comes in all kinds of sizes — some large enough to hang on your wall, others small enough to be stashed in a tiny drawer.
1930s Hair Styles : Swing Fashionista.
It's an inverted negative of a 1929 Lombard publicity photo (if the date is correct, it almost certainly was taken at Pathe).
Carole Lombard in the film
Veronica Lake
Bette Davis
Fredric March Picture
Cary Grant
10 Fabulous Pictures of Women's Hair & Make-Up from the 1920's
Kay Francis
Bill certainly looks appropriately villainous and caddish in the picture, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him described as a 'star' even before the ...
Carole Lombard 🌟#carolelombard #starlight #actress #oldhollywoodactress #beauty #hairstyle#
Carole Lombard and Amy Poehler do have a sort of facial resemblance, I believe. I wouldn't be surprised if Amy is a fan of Carole's work, ...
William Desmond Taylor
Style icons of the 1920s
James Stewart
Howard Hawks
As it was, Warners used this as a publicity photo (the “FS” in the lower left-hand corner is proof). Here's a close-up of Carole:
carole lombard hollywood january 1937da
The snipe on back reads, “GLAMOROUS CAROLE — The Lombard girl at Paramount, who is at present appearing opposite George Raft in 'Rumba,' being directed by ...
Una Merkel
Carole and Clark, 1941. ❤️
carole lombard william e. thomas 22a
Twentieth Century (1934) starring John Barrymore and Carole Lombard
June Marlowe, 1920s
Carole Lombard 1930s BAT Modern Beauties Series 3 Tobacco Card
objectifiedimagez: “ Leota and Lola Lane ”
Carole Lombard
carole lombard hollywood august 1937a …
Road trip 'Under The Stars'
Style icons of the 1920s
carole lombard hollywood pattern 835ba
Hat and Hair Styles Fashion History 1930-1940. Description from gvenny.com.
carole lombard silver screen january 1936b
carole lombard picture play november 1935ca
If you're a collector of Carole Lombard photos, some interesting news has just cropped up. You can now own up to 29 Carole pics — including the one above, ...
Style icons of the 1920s
carole lombard 1933 rotogravure large
Style icons of the 1920s
Nancy Mitford (November 28, 1904 - June 30, 1973) by Bassano,
hollywood january 1937 cover large
Style icons of the 1920s
Star Wars Episode II: Carole Lombard and Clark Gable (YMRT #28) / January 13, 2015 by Karina Longworth
Next up, ski-clad Carole and Robert Montgomery, from the final scene of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” It's a modern print, not an original, but if you're a fan of ...
Happy Birthday, Chanel!
Virginia Grey
Style icons of the 1920s
Clark's lady love Carole Lombard (right) too had a hand in the Parnell gags. As with Spence, Clark latched onto Carole's down to earth demeanor and humor, ...
A fan magazine took a publicity photo of Carole and Charles, then added a caption:
Constance Bennett...old hollywood | Tumblr
Carole Lombard and ex-husband William Powell may have teamed up for comedy magic in “My Man Godfrey,” but it wasn't always universally hailed as a screwball ...
White Woman (1933) Starring Charles Laughton and Carole Lombard
The slightly risque captions (not to mention Carole's scanty outfit) are indications the clipping on the left is from Film Fun or a magazine of its ilk in ...
Certainly I'm not the only one who's surmised that Powell and Lombard are talking to each other through their characters in this sweetly resonant scene:
VP: Carole Lombard, William Powell, Myrna Loy, James Stewart and Barbara Stanwyck.
jimmy stewart and carole lombard in a promotional shot for Made for Each Other (1939
carole lombard mr.
New York
13 Greta ...
As far as I know of, Carole Lombard never posed for a publicity still that expressly had a New Year's theme (the header we've been running this week doesn't ...
The fact that Carole Lombard started her screen career under the Mack Sennett banner speaks for her figure — since Sennett always was noted for picking ...
The glamorous and dramatic makeup of the 1920s
Ethel Merman
Style icons of the 1920s
7 Clara ...
Style icons of the 1920s
May McAvoy Vintage 1920s Era 5x7 Movie Star Fan Photo
Viola Dana
14 Janet ...
Style icons of the 1920s
Love, Shirley Temple: Take Two - More From Her Personal Archives by Theriault's - issuu
Fred Kohler Vintage 1920s Era 5x7 Movie Star Fan Photo
Style icons of the 1920s
carole lombard hollywood january 1937aa